Silicone Kitchen Dishwashing Brush - pack of 5

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Replace smelly, damp, bacteria harbouring sponges! 

This food grade silicone brush can be used in any way you can imagine: as a ultra clean kitchen sponge, Pot/pan handle holder, Pot coaster, Non-slip bottle opener, Fruits/vegetables cleaner, Pet hair cleaner, Makeup Cleaning Sponge, Bath body scrubber, etc.

Durable: This is your antibacterial and odour-free alternative compared with regular sponges. It is made from food-grade silicone which doesn't allow bacteria to grow, NEVER smells, and lasts for YEARS.

Dual-Sided cleaning: Each side has over 1000 individual cleaning bristles that do the hard work for you! And because they are super-flexible, they can get into even the tightest, smallest spaces. Now you can clean areas that you've never been able to reach before.

High temperature resistance: It can withstand temperatures of up to 230 degrees celsius, making it possible to be used as a pot coaster or to hold heating pans/pots.

Always Fresh & Clean: You can sanitise them by putting them through the dishwasher, microwave or even just in boiling water, so you'll always have a fresh, clean brush!

Colour: red, yellow, green
Material: food-grade silicone
Size: 12.5x7x1.6cm

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