Bladeless Handheld USB Fan

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This fan looks so HOT but thankfully it's designed to keep you cool - without you having to worry about your hair (or any other dangly bits) getting caught in it!

This is best choice for Summer. It's portable and light so you can use it wherever you are: at home, in the office office, by the pool and on the move.

Unique Technology- NO blade Fan, clean design and - most importantly - safe! With 3 adjustable speeds.

Long Usage Time: 5 Hours at low setting - 1, 4 hours at medium setting -  2, 3 Hours at high setting - 3. Charges Via USB meaning NO NEED for batteries! And you can charge on the go from your laptop. You can also plug it into a wall USB charger.

Stay looking fresh all day, wherever you are!

Size: 210 x 60 x 68mm
Weight: 151 g

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