Different Spray Heads Solar Automatic Fountain Pump

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Decorate your fountain with our Solar Powered Birdbath Fountain Pump! Now with 6 different nozzles! 

Helps to circulate oxygenated water in your bird baths, aquariums and/or ponds and fountains.
Fully powered by the sun, this 7v/1.4w solar-powered fountain pump runs automatically, is eco-friendly and efficient.

It is also equipped with 6 different nozzle spray design, has a water spray height: 30 - 50cm and also makes a great decoration! 

Simply place the solar panel in sunlight to auto start. When the solar panel receives sufficient sunlight, the pump will start in 3 seconds

It's super easy to clean, simply detach the brushless pump as needed.

Please allow 10 working days for delivery. Free delivery to mainland UK.