LCD Screen Original DIY 3D Printing Pen

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Full of Technical design and electroplating design smooth lines, more comfortable to use.

Using high-tech and environmentally friendly consumable,breaking through the traditional two dimensional space, creating a 3D concept, and it can be formed in 3 second.

Can improve children's imagination , creativity, concentration and exercise logical thinking, increase parent-child relationship.

How to use:

  1. Insert the power supply.
  2. Press and hold the power on.
  3. Press the up and down keys to adjust the consumable mode PLA/ABS.
  4. Press the feed key to confirm the mode.
  5. Insert the consumable for 3D drawing.
  6. Press the return button to shut down.


  1. During use, please make sure parents are using it together to prevent children from accidentally touching the pen tip and causing injuries.
  2. Wait for 1-3 minutes for the first time to use, allow the pen to fully heat until the indicator light changes from yellow to green.

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Material: ABS+ PLA

Color: blue / pink / yellow / purple / camouflage

Working voltage: 5V 2A

Rated voltage: DC 5¡À0.25V

Adapted consumable: ?PLA 1.75mm/ABS 1.75mm

Working conditions: 10¡æ-35¡æ/relative humidity: ¡Ü85%

Printing temperature: 180¡æ-230¡æ

Discharge method: click the button to continue discharging

Size: 19*3*4.5cm

Age: suitable for 14+


Pack list

1* Pen

1* USB cable

10* 10m PLA?Filament

1* Pen holder

1* Manual