LED Sunset Sunlight and Rainbow Night Light Projector Lamp for Bedroom Home and Office

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You don’t need to wait for sunset or the rain to see spectacular colours and rainbows with this LED Sunset and Rainbow Night Light Projector. This lamp perfectly simulates either sunset or rainbows so that you can enjoy the perfect displays in the comfort of your own home.

Modern LED lights provide energy-saving lighting for your house or office. This lamp is a popular choice as a bedroom light for both adults and children. 

This Night Light Projector is made of high-quality PC and metal. The base is stable and sturdy.

It comes with energy-saving non-glare LED lights with guaranteed long-service lifes.

If you love to use colour to set the mood for relaxation, then this floor lamp is a must. Whichever room you place it in, it's sure to give you that dreamy super-chilled feeling. 


Lamp colours: Sunset, Sunny, Rainbow, Sunset Red

Material: PC, Iron Art, Glass

Lamp height: 27cm

Lamp holder diameter: 8cm

Chassis diameter: 10cm

Chassis height: 3.8cm

Weight: 500g

Functions: Sunlight and Rainbow Simulator Night Lamp

Battery Information: Voltage: 5V

Wattage: 0-5W  

Package Inclusion:1 * LED Night Light1 * Charging Cable 1 * User Manual