Remote Controlled Cordless Rechargeable LED Indoor/Outdoor Orb Night Light

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This modern light orb has a portable and wireless design, enabling you to place it in any area inside your home. It comes with a steel handle at the bottom of the light, enabling you to hang the light in high areas such as trees and posts. This orb light is made with durable PE materials and electronics, that are guaranteed to withstand everyday usage through different climates.

This light can emit 16 colours, which can help you set the mood and go with the theme of your parties and other occasions. This light can also be used as a night lamp, to help your kid sleep soundly at night. Aside from the control buttons at the bottom of the lamp, you can also temper and change the light setting using the remote control that is included in the package. This LED Orb Light is equipped with a 1000mAh built-in, rechargeable battery that takes 3 hours to fully charge, and gives you up to 8-10 hours of working time, which is more than enough to illuminate and brighten up your room, outdoor areas, and other spaces at night, or during parties.  

Product Specification:

Small: 10 x 15cm
Medium: 14 x 19 cm
Large: 15 x 21 cm