USB LED String Light Bluetooth App Control

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Each LED bulb on the unique Christmas light string is a smart bulb that is fully programmable.

You either select pre-made light designs and animations from the app or even program your own design to match your favourite sports teams colours, unique animation and more.

Synchronise with music and microphone: the speed changes according to the rhythm of music.

Timer setting: you can set any time to save more power.

App Controlled: All lights can be remotely controlled by the available application.

Quick Setup: The setup is really easy and takes just a moment thanks to the Bluetooth pairing.

Wi-Fi Connection: The lights can be setup with your local home/office Wi-Fi so that you don't need to establish a connection every time you use the light.

Please allow 10 working days for delivery. Free delivery to mainland UK. 

Note: An APP can control multiple groups of lamp strings of different colours.

5M Specifications:

Material: Copper wire

Light colour: RGB

LED: 50bulbs

Power supply: USB

Length: 5m


10M Specification

Material: Copper wire

Light colour: RGB

LED: 100bulbs

Power supply: USB

Length: 10m


5M Pack List

1 x 5m string light

10M Pack List

1 x 10m string light