UV Portable Disinfection Box Mobile Phone Wireless Charger

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Are you worried about the germs on your phone and how to clean it?

This cell phone cleaner with UV light equipped with Dual-UV lights, can kill 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli in 18 minutes and kill 99.9% Candida albicans in 30 minutes, allowing you to disinfect your daily gadgets in a easy way. 

The great news is that it is also a wireless charger for any contactless-enabled devices. Simply place your smartphone (works for iOS and Android) on the top or inside the box

Any smartphone or cell phone up to 6.6 inches (including the biggest iPhone or Samsung models) can fit in the UV phone cleaner. What's more, you can also place your masks, glasses, jewellery, watches, car keys and earpods inside the box to get a complete disinfecting bath.

UV lamps inside the box will turn off automatically once you open the magnetic switch cover, protecting you from exposure to ultraviolet light. Feel safe to keep our certified product on your table top and no need to keep away from children.

Please allow 10 working days for delivery. Free delivery to mainland UK. 


Dimensions: 220x120x66MM
Weight: 300g